3, 2, 1…Time to get a gift for MOM

The clock is ticking & you are about to run out of time to pick out the most wonderful, personal & thoughtful Mother’s Day gift that exists. (Nervous? You should be!) Well don’t fret because with so much at stake, our expert team has come to the rescue. We scoured Mayfaire to find the most exceptional last-minute ideas, so you can be in & out while leaving a lasting – and positive – impression on Mom. Read these tips, make one trip to Mayfaire & score extra brownie points with that oh-so important lady in your life this Sunday, May 8th.

1. Diamonds on a budget: every woman could use one more accessory in her life. And if it sparkles, so be it. Simply pull out your smart phone and share some pictures of your mom with stylists in a store where you know mom shops. These experts can select the appropriate style and pieces to compliment the intended recipient without breaking the bank. The best part is that for accessories, you typically don’t need to know her size, which helps you avoid that oh-so awkward moment when the gift doesn’t fit. We recommend Ann Taylor, a chic, luxurious and elegant brand designed with quality and options that are easier on the wallet than your average jeweler. From necklaces and broaches to watches, rings & more, pieces from trendy or timeless and classic collections are on display ready for browsing. Plus there is usually a sale section where you can find extra sweet deals without the calories!

2. Remember the game 7 minutes in heaven? Fast forward to the mom version of that game & you will find that it includes a candle-lit bubble bath for one. Peace, quiet and relaxation are not words commonly used by mothers. Knowing that these wonders are none-to-prevalent in a mom’s world makes it easy to pamper her. Just create the opportunity for a trip to the all-inclusive trip spa called home. Van Davis Aveda, Bath & Body Works and Belk’s Cosmetics have fabulous products and gifts made lovingly by hand using the finest essential oils, creamy butters and recycled and recyclable packaging. When it comes to Mom, only the very best will do and this means a combination of bath bomb, salt scrub & body butter. Paired with melodic tunes, wine & a fruit or cheese tray make for a perfectly blissful escape from reality!

3. Personalized touches go a long way on this holiday. Even with limited time, it takes little thought or effort to select a piece of home décor – sign, picture frame, candle, etc. that reflects the spirit of the recipient. Look for items that you can easily upcycle to showcase a picture, special trinket or custom message that highlights the bond between you two. Edwards Hallmark, Pier 1, and Lauren & Elizabeth feature a large assortment of products that fit this category.  From monogrammed items, & books to box signs & rustic home decor, selecting a heartfelt gift has never been simpler. The brands motto is “stand out. for good” and that’s exactly what you’ll do when you source gifts from these retailers for Mother’s Day.

4. Do NOT let her cook on Mother’s Day: No matter what she says, under no circumstances are you to allow her to cook on this sacred day. Do yourself a favor and make a reservation – because you WILL need a reservation – at a restaurant that offers a memorable experience. Some places even go so far as to include flowers or other special add-ons to make the trip more personable. Take five minutes to make a plan & then breathe easy knowing that your day is planned & no dishes are involved! Roko Italian Cuisine, The Melting Pot, and LongHorn Steakhouse provide the best in culinary excellence & is the perfect environment for enjoying a comforting meal. Feast on unique offerings providing fresh local ingredients. And take it to the next level when you opt for wine and hand crafted beer. Finally, always get her dessert. Even if she refuses, she secretly wants it and would love for you to tell her she needs it!

5. Make a meal for Mom. Let’s be real for a minute, 364 days of the year she either cooks the meals, plans what you’re having or arranges takeout. Even if you’re not a culinary chef, you can take the effort and attempt to spoil her with a homemade meal. Whether breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or even a dessert, there are millions of options at your disposal & each of them can be enhanced with a few special products from Mayfaire retailers. Italian is an easy and fail-proof route and carbs appeal to almost every woman if we are telling the truth. Just a few items from Williams-Sonoma or The Fresh Market will leave her speechless at the table. By incorporating one of their special spreads, a jar of stuffed olives, unique olive oil or balsamic vinegar drizzled over ice cream (don’t say ‘ewe’ until you try it), you can turn a meal into a memorable masterpiece. And she’ll appreciate it even more when she doesn’t have to shower, put a bra on or leave the house to enjoy it!

6. Diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. The old saying really does ring true. Every woman will swoon when she receives a beautiful, new & sparkling diamond. Choose pieces that can be worn regardless of size so that you aren’t left guessing whether or not the gift will fit. And size doesn’t always matter in this situation, so choose a piece that speaks to the true essence of the mom. If investment is no issue once in a while, this gesture is one that will stay with her for a long time to come. REEDS Jewelers is committed to making moms smile through their vast selection, custom offerings & exceptional reputation for trust, quality & lifetime guarantee. From timeless pieces to the hottest trends or pops of color, finding a piece that sparkles just for mom will be the easiest thing you do all day. And the look on her face will be all the thanks you need as she will surely be surprised to know that she really does mean that much to you.

7. Giving the gift of a future date or event is a good one, but don’t leave her empty handed on Mother’s Day. If you’re planning to get tickets to a concert or go on vacation, stop by Mayfaire to pick out a complimentary smaller gift. This way, she still has something to open on the actual holiday and perhaps even something that she can wear or use during the event when you celebrate. Spring season is in full swing so be sure to swing through Top Toad, Rack Room Shoes, World Market, or Sunglass Hut for shoes, sunglasses, or other beach items that she can use now and when you head on vacation. Don’t forget to snap a picture when you head out of the town, you can use that when you plan ahead for next year’s gift! (Wink, wink.)

8. Avoid the urge to skimp – buy a card & wrap the gift. We know this part of the gift can seem meaningless & perhaps even a waste of money, but think of all the little things Mom does for you on a daily basis. She deserves a personally selected card with your John Hancock, even if you don’t add a customized message. While you’re in the area, take a few extra steps to drop the items you just purchased into a perfectly fitted gift bag. But don’t forget to remove the price tags, she doesn’t need to know how much (or little) you spent. After all, it’s the thought that counts – right?! Edwards Hallmark is king for cards & gift wrap with shelves upon shelves of cards to choose from and pre-arranged gift bags with tissue paper and ribbon ready to go. Adding a gold seal to the back of your card ensures mom’s stamp of approval & tasty goodies adorn the counter to quickly embellish your already wonderful gift. By the time you walk out, there is nothing left to do except celebrate the reason for the occasion – MOM.

Bottom line – there is no reason to fail this Mother’s Day. These secrets to success are time-tested & mom-approved, so follow the easy route to winning her heart this this week. You’ll both be glad you did!