Everything You Need to Know About 2016 Swimwear Trends

Everything You Need to Know About 2016 Swimwear Trends

You may already have a few suits tucked away from last year, but hear this – you will want to step up your swim game this year.  This summer’s styles do not disappoint.  Here are the 6 hottest swim trends with classic, flattering and fun cuts for all ages.

1. Meet the Monokini, chic one piece suits that boast cool cut-outs, cutaway silhouettes, and deep-plunge necklines. They’re super eye-catching and we’ve seen them on celebs already this spring including Khloe Kardashian, the Jenner sisters, and Beyonce. Monokinis are just as sexy and flattering as any bikini, but they have the added bonus of covering up the parts of our bodies that we aren’t exactly super pleased about.  You can find this trend at Belk and Victoria Secret.

2. The sporty halter creeped into the scene last year, and thanks to the athleisure trend, the freshest shape right now is the more athletic-style suit / high-neck halter top. Not only does the silhouette flaunt sun-kissed shoulders with its carved-out sections, but it also supports and flatters busts of all sizes and is great for the active girl at the beach.  The greatest part about this trend?  Just toss on a pair of high-waisted shorts from Banana Republic or a skirt from Gap and you’ve just transitioned from beach to bar in a snap.

3. Bring on the prints! Whatever style swimsuit you’re looking for, they are available this season in a wide variety of prints –Aztec, geometrics, floral, or stripe.  Pair it with a print cover-up or wrap from Julie’s and you’ll be the center of attention in the water and when you step out.

4. Super Strappy suits appeared last season and are even more prevalent now. The best part about the caged look is that it lets little bits of your bikini bod play peek-a-boo with the sunshine, resulting in coverage where you need it yet leaving just enough to the imagination – along with some pretty sick tan lines.  From crisscross bikini tops to strappy single-piece designs, this is certainly a trend to go for.  We recommend shopping Coastal Urge to get on this super strappy train, before it leaves the station. For that extra touch have it monogrammed at Lauren & Elizabeth.

5. Flounce and fringe are back by popular demand and continues its beachfront reign with everything from off-the-shoulder one-pieces to rippling bikini tops. If tasseled two-pieces aren’t your thing, opt for an easy fringe cover-up. We’re over the moon for Buckle’s off-the-charts fringe wear this season. 

6. The mix & match super cute trend is still here, allowing you to maximize your swim wardrobe and save a lot of money.  Just don’t go for full-out clashing, keep it obvious enough that people don’t think you tried and failed.  If you are timid about mixing it up, the friendly folks at J.Crew can help.  They are experts at working with this trend and have oodles of styles that will have you making waves in no time.

So, before you head to the water, dive into your favorite store and grab a few of this summer’s hottest trends.  And, last but not least remember that it is fashionably appropriate to don that suit out of the water as well.  Just be prepared to deal with some serious squad envy.