Terms & Conditions

Cards may be purchased in amounts from $20-$500 per card. We reserve the right to decline the purchase of any card. The card is subject to terms and restrictions stated on the card back and in an accompanying Card Agreement. You must read and accept these terms and restrictions before purchasing a card.

The terms of the card will include a nonrefundable $2.00 activation fee, paid by purchaser at time of purchase. A nonrefundable $2.50 maintenance fee will be automatically deducted each month from the card balance commencing after 12 months and 1 day of inactivity. A card replacement fee will also apply for the replacement of a lost, stolen or damaged card. The card will have No Cash Access, except as stated in the Card Agreement.

Purchaser also will be charged a shipping and/or handling fee which will be in an amount stated on the order screen and will be paid by purchaser and not deducted from the card. Orders exceeding $150 will be shipped only to the purchaser’s billing address.

Due to state laws, at this time Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Vermont residents are not allowed to purchase a gift card online through this web site. I understand my order will be rejected if my billing address is in one of the following states: Connecticut, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont.


Please read the Gift Card Agreement. Once you have agreed, you will be taken to the online Gift Card store.