Valentine’s Day is all about red hearts and romance but it’s really a chance to celebrate everyone you love and care about – including your kiddos. Finding the perfect kid-approved gift can be hard, but you’re in luck, we’ve compiled a list of kid-friendly picks your little ones are sure to love.

Book. Give your child a Valentine’s themed book you can read together as a family. For a special touch, write a note on the inside cover, sign and date it. Then one day your child can pass down the book to their kids.

Plush. You can never go wrong with an adorable stuffed animal they can cuddle up with.

Balloons. Surprise your kids by delivering balloons to their bedroom in the middle of the night. Their morning wake-up call will be the best!

Game. Buy your favorite childhood game and teach your children how to play.

Candy. The gift your kids will love and the one you might regret. Let them indulge on their favorite treat even though it might have them bouncing off the walls.

Card. Feeling sentimental? Present your kids with a Valentine’s Card that lists all the wonderful things you love about them.

Breakfast in Bed. Let your kids sleep in and surprise them with breakfast in bed. Not only will they be thankful for the extra hour of sleep, but will love waking up to a warm, yummy breakfast.

Movie. Buy their favorite movie, pop popcorn and have a movie-night in with the family. Take it up a notch by building a blanket fort and have a slumber party in the den.

Coupon Book. Create a coupon book loaded with “get out of time-out free” cards they can cash in every week.  Maybe it’s skipping chores for a day, staying up an extra half an hour, or breakfast in bed – the possibilities are endless.

By Haley Rennick