Wearing White after Labor Day

Wearing White after Labor Day…if it’s Wrong, I Don’t Wanna Be Right.

Everyone’s heard it… “You can’t wear white after Labor Day.” This so-called fashion rule is probably the most prevalent of them all, and surprisingly, lots of people still believe it’s true. Newsflash: you can absolutely wear white after Labor Day! I mean, what’s the big deal? Just because the calendar says it’s September 6, all of our amazing white clothes go to the back of the closet? Nope. Not mine. Lucky for us, it’s 2016, and we have come a long way from this outdated rule. Of course, you’ll need to know how to transition your summer whites into fall-appropriate looks, and I’ve got the scoop here. And, on the bright side, the stores are still full of bright whites in case you need some additions to your wardrobe!

1. Little White Dress –Everyone has a great LWD, and you probably lived in it all summer long. But that dress doesn’t have to join the witness protection program now that fall is here. Rock that white dress with a denim jacket and a tasseled scarf, and you’ll be the cutest gal in town! Gap always has a great selection of denim outwear, including the iconic 1969 line. The quality is superb, and you’ll be able to wear the jacket for years to come.

For the cooler months, try layering with a heavier fabric such an oversized boyfriend cardigan in a decidedly fall color like navy, or even an olive vest or blazer. I recommend shopping at Banana Republic, Bevello, or Chico’s for these layering pieces. They have a wide assortment of oversized sweaters in great fall colors, as well as quilted vests, that’s a win-win!  As for your feet, chunkier soles or ankle boots will really make your LWD look perfect post-Labor Day!  (Disclaimer:  If your LWD is linen, it IS best saved for summer.  Ta-ta, linen…we’ll see YOU in May)!  Of course, head-to-toe-white is probably best left behind in the summer, so do make sure that you anchor your LWD with a layering piece.

2. White Denim or Pants – White in winter is a very fresh and clean look.  And in my book, nothing is chicer than white jeans paired with a snuggly sweater and suede boots. I personally love white jeans paired with tans and grays all winter long. For fall, one of my favorite looks is a long-sleeve chambray button-front paired with white jeans. It just seems to always work and look effortless. What about your work wardrobe? Pair those tailored white pants with an animal-print top or a bright jewel tone blouse for a delicious fall ensemble! Just be sure to keep the fabrics appropriate; you wouldn’t want to wear silk pants, as they would definitely read “wrong season.” My go-to store recommendations are J.Crew and Ann Taylor. They’re going to have the office-appropriate tops for work, but they also have the casual sweaters and chambray that you need to top it off.  One-stop shopping!

3. White Outerwear – If you haven’t caught on by now, the key to wearing white later in the year is accessorizing and layering! White pea coats can be amazing for winter! Pair them with black sweaters, black leggings, and a red lip – BOOM! White blazers are also great for fall when paired with camel colored bottoms and animal-print pumps…rawr! Just be sure to layer the blazer with a thicker blouse underneath, and not the little cami that you rocked all summer. This will make it much more season-appropriate. For this look, check out Talbots and White House Black Market. Both stores will have perfect pieces to pair with your blazers and pea coats. For those killer pumps? I’m sending you straight to Rack Room Shoes, of course!

4. White Tops – These are practically seasonless and always in style! White tops for fall are great when paired with skinny dark denim. Also consider pairing a plain white tee with a leather jacket for a rock-n-roll vibe. Leather just screams fall, and pairing it with your white tee is way easy. Accessorize with chunky black boots and an oversized dark handbag for maximum impact. And, this seems like a no-brainer, but white sweaters are 100% allowed! It’s a fresh, fun break from the dark colors we usually wear. And honestly, if you still aren’t comfortable going with crisp whites, that’s perfectly ok.  Instead, mix in creams and ivories with your fall outfits for a very similar look, but in a little less jarring way for these cooler months. Fedora, Julie’s Boutique, and New York & Company has great pieces in the off-white color family, and they won’t break the bank, either. You’ll also find some great faux-leather pieces to pair with the white pieces that are already in your closet!

5. White Shoes and Handbags – This is a fun way to jazz up your basic fall looks. Sleek pumps, chunky ankle boots, and even flats are all totally fall appropriate, even in white. You will want to stash the white sandals and espadrilles for sure, but as long as the shoe itself isn’t overly strappy or blatantly screaming summer, a white shoe will look crisp and clean through fall and even info winter. As for white handbags, these are lovely for fall and such a simple way to brighten up your look!  Fortunately, this is a great time of the year to purchase white accessories! Stop by Belk or Francesca’s to check out their selection…you’ll most likely score a great deal!

Fashion rules are meant to be broken. Don’t stop wearing white just because Labor Day is over. You paid good money for those pieces, and they deserve to be worn! Toss those outdated rules right out the window, and we’ll rock our white together, all year long!

Story by Paige Somervell

About the Author: As you can see Paige loves all things fashion, but she is also passionate about football, with the Carolina Panthers being her #1 team and rightly so, they made it to the SuperBowl. Whether she is at work or at play she is always in style.